Order of the Star of Ethiopia

The Order of the Star of Ethiopia was established as an order of knighthood of the Ethiopian Empire, founded by the Negus of Shewa and later Emperor of Ethiopia Menelik II in 1884–1885. It is currently awarded as a house order by the Crown Council of Ethiopia.[1]

Order of the Star of Ethiopia
Badge of the order
CountryEthiopian Empire
Religious affiliationEthiopian Orthodox
Emperor of Ethiopia

Ribbon of the order

The Order was established to honour foreign and domestic civilian and military officials and individuals for service to the country, and is considered the fifth ranking order of the Empire of Ethiopia alongside the Order of Menelik II.

All grades of the Order are approved for wear as a foreign order (i.e. after all British and other Commonwealth decorations) in Commonwealth realms, as it is on the "Schedule of Approved Countries and Awards".[2] Elizabeth II herself was awarded the Chain and Collar of the Order of the Seal of Solomon.[3][circular reference]

Grades edit

First Class
  1.   Grand Cross (GCSE)
Second Class
  1.   Grand Officer (GOSE)
  2.   Commander (CSE)
Third Class
  1.   Officer (OSE)
  2.   Member (MSE)

Recipients edit

References edit

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