Order of the Republika Srpska

Order of the Republika Srpska is the highest decoration established in Republika Srpska on April 25 1993 by decision of National Assembly of Republika Srpska. The medal may be awarded on a necklace or strips with order star worn on breast. As every order in Republika Srpska, Order of Republika Srpska also has its statute that defines terms about the order. [1]

Order of the Republika Srpska
Order of the Republic of Srpska – collar.jpg
Order of Republika Srpska on necklace
Awarded formerits to Republika Srpska
Presented byRepublika Srpska Republika Srpska
First awarded1993
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Ribbon bars of the order
Next (higher)No higher
Next (lower)Order of the Flag of Republika Srpska

Order of Republika Srpska on necklaceEdit

By statute it may be given to heads of foreign countries, most prominent persons for excellent work and merits of that person and strengthening national consciousness during fight for freedom and independence as also to persons that gave significant contribution to the creation of Republika Srpska. Also by criteria of awarding it is defined to be given more precisely to presidents of states, exceptional persons and institutions that gave contribution by its function to fight of Serbian people in creation of the state. It is privilegy of the President of Republika Srpska.

This order has three elements: Order insignia, Order necklace and Order star. [2]


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