Order of Saint Isabel

The Order of Queen Saint Isabel (Portuguese: Ordem da Rainha Santa Isabel) is a Roman Catholic dynastic order of which the Grand Mistress is currently disputed between the Duchess of Loulé and Duchess of Braganza.

Order of Saint Isabel
Real Ordem de Santa Isabel
Order of Saint Isabel.jpg
Sash of the Order
Awarded by Armas duques loulé.png The Duke of Loulé
Duchy of Braganza (1640-1910).png The Duke of Braganza
TypeDynastic Order
Established4 November 1801
1801 - 1910 (National Order)
1910 - present (House Order)
Royal houseHouse of Braganza
Religious affiliationRoman Catholic
MottoPauperum Solatio
Awarded forServices in support of the Portuguese Crown, social charity and solidarity
StatusCurrently constituted
SovereignNuno de Santa Maria Alvares Pereira[1]
Grand MistressMaria, Duchess of Loulé
Isabel, Duchess of Braganza (disputed)
GradesDame Grand Cross
Dame 1st Class
Dame 2nd Class
Next (higher)Order of the Immaculate Conception of Vila Viçosa
Next (lower)None
EquivalentOrder of Saint Michael of the Wing
Ordine di Santa Isabella.png
The Ribbon of the order


King John VI of Portugal created the on 4 November 1801 in honour of Queen Saint Isabel, consort of Portuguese King Denis I, investing his wife Carlota Joaquina as Grand Mistress of the order.

The order, limited to a total membership of twenty-six, is exclusively for Catholic noblewomen.

In 5 October 1910, the monarchy was replaced by a republic. The order, which was considered dynastic, continued to be bestowed by King Manuel II of Portugal, who in exile also awarded it to his wife. After his death, the Queen and Queen Mother both continued to use the order's insignia of Grand Mistress. The current headship is disputed which also fallows the dispute of the pretender to the Portuguese throne. The current claimants of the headship of the Order are Pedro Duke of Loulè and Duarte Pio, Duke of Braganza, both members of the cadet branches of the royal family of Portugal, with the Miguelists (Duarte Pio's line) being disinherited by King.[2]


The order's sash is pale pink and has a white stripe in the middle. On the accompanying crowned medallion is a picture of the Queen Saint giving money to a poor man. This picture is surrounded by a frame with roses (an allusion to the Queen's miracle). The insignia's motto is Pauperum Solatio ("Consolation of the Poor").

Current Dames of Saint-IsabelEdit

The annual ceremonial induction of Noble ladies of Saint Isabel takes place in the Convent of Santa Clara in Coimbra, on the 4th of July.[3][4]

Dame Grand Mistress

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