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The Order of Liberty, or the Order of Freedom (Portuguese: Ordem da Liberdade), is a Portuguese honorific civil order that distinguishes relevant services to the cause of democracy and freedom, in the defense of the values of civilization and human dignity. The order was created in 1976, after the Carnation Revolution of 1974 in which the corporatist authoritarian Estado Novo regime of António de Oliveira Salazar and Marcello Caetano was deposed. The Grand Collar can also be given by the President of Portugal to former Heads of State and others whose deeds are of an extraordinary nature and particular relevance to Portugal, making them worthy of such a distinction.[2] This can include political acts, physical acts of defense for Portugal, or the good representation of Portugal in other countries.

Order of Liberty
Ordem da Liberdade
Star of order of liberty of portugal.jpg
Star of The Order of Liberty
Awarded by Flag of Portugal.svg Portuguese Republic
EligibilityPortuguese and foreign citizens; military or civilian
Awarded forDistinguished and important services rendered to the cause of democracy and freedom.[1]
StatusCurrently constituted
Grand MasterPresident of the Portuguese Republic
ChancellorManuela Ferreira Leite
GradesGrand Collar
Grand Cross
Grand Officer
Next (higher)Order of Prince Henry
Next (lower)Order of Merit
PRT Order of Liberty - Knight BAR.png
Ribbon bar of the Order of Liberty
Chain of the Order of Liberty



The order includes six classes; in decreasing order of seniority, these are:[3]

  •   Grand Collar (Grande-Colar - GColL)
  •   Grand Cross (Grã-Cruz - GCL)
  •   Grand Officer (Grande-Oficial - GOL)
  •   Commander (Comendador - ComL)
  •   Officer (Oficial - OL)
  •   Knight/Dame (Cavaleiro - CvL / Dama - DmL)

Like the other Portuguese orders, the title of Honorary Member (Membro Honorário—MHL) can be awarded to institutions and locals.

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