Orange Free State (province)

The Province of the Orange Free State (Afrikaans: Provinsie Oranje-Vrystaat), commonly referred to as the Orange Free State (Afrikaans: Oranje-Vrystaat), Free State (Afrikaans: Vrystaat) or by its abbreviation OFS, was one of the four provinces of South Africa from 1910 to 1994. After 27 April 1994 it was dissolved following the first non-racial election in South Africa.

Province of the Orange Free State
Provinsie Oranje-Vrystaat
Coat of Arms of the Orange Free State.svg
Map of the provinces of South Africa 1976-1994 with the OFS highlighted.svg
129,825 km2 (50,126 sq mi)
 • 19912,193,062[1]
 • OriginOrange River Colony
 • Created31 May 1910
 • Abolished27 April 1994
 • Succeeded byFree State
StatusProvince of South Africa
GovernmentOrange Free State Provincial Council
 • HQBloemfontein

Its predecessor was the Orange River Colony.

Its outside borders were the same as those of the modern Free State Province; except for the bantustans ("homelands") of QwaQwa and one part of Bophuthatswana, which were contained on land inside of the provincial Orange Free State borders.

Districts in 1991Edit

Districts of the province and population at the 1991 census.[1]


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