The Orahovica Monastery (Serbian: Манастир Ораховица, romanizedManastir Orahovica) is a Serbian Orthodox monastery in the village of Duzluk of Orahovica, Croatia. It is mentioned in 1583 when it was a seat of the Požega metropolitanate and an important culturo-religious center, located in the then Virovitica County. It is thought to have been built before the end of the 15th century.

Orahovica Monastery
Манастир Ораховица (Serbian)
Orahovica Monastery
Orahovica Monastery is located in Croatia
Orahovica Monastery
Location within Croatia
Monastery information
DenominationEastern Orthodox
EstablishedXV century
DioceseEparchy of Slavonia
Country Croatia
Coordinates45°29′N 17°52′E / 45.49°N 17.87°E / 45.49; 17.87

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