Opus (Yugoslav band)

Opus (Serbian Cyrillic: Опус) was a Yugoslav progressive rock band from Belgrade.

The last Opus lineup, in 1979, from left to right: Zoran Dašić, Dragan Baletić, Vidoja Božinović, Miodrag Okrugić, Slobodan Orlić, Vladan Dokić
The last Opus lineup, in 1979, from left to right: Zoran Dašić, Dragan Baletić, Vidoja Božinović, Miodrag Okrugić, Slobodan Orlić, Vladan Dokić
Background information
OriginBelgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia
GenresProgressive rock, symphonic rock
Years active1973 – 1974
1977 – 1979
LabelsJugoton, Diskos
Associated actsYU Grupa, Džentlmeni, Tako, Plamenih 5, Siluete, Dah, Pop Mašina, Crni Biseri, Rok Mašina, Riblja Čorba, Legende
Past membersMiodrag Okrugić
Miodrag Kostić
Dušan Ćućuz
Slobodan Orlić
Ljubomir Jerković
Dušan Prelević
Želimir Vasić
Milan Matić
Vladan Dokić
Zoran Dašić
Vidoja Božinović

Band historyEdit

The band was formed in Belgrade in 1973 by Miodrag "Mive" Okrugić (a former YU Grupa member, keyboards), Miodrag "Bata" Kostić (a former Terusi and YU Grupa member, guitar) and Dušan Ćućuz (a former Džentlmeni member, bass guitar).[1] The band chose their name after the song "Opus No. 1", which was written by Okrugić's during his work with YU Grupa.[1] The song was often performed by YU Grupa, but never recorded.[1] However, soon after it was formed, Opus disbanded.[1] Soon after, Ćućuz formed the symphonic rock band Tako.[1]

In 1975, Okrugić reformed Opus.[1] The new lineup featured Slobodan Orlić (a former Plamenih 5, Siluete, Bitnici and Moira member, bass guitar), Ljubomir Jerković (drums) and Dušan Prelević (a former Korni Grupa member, vocals).[1] This lineup released the album Opus 1.[1] The album, released in luxurious sleeve designed by Dragan S. Stefanović, featured symphonic rock-oriented songs.[1] The album featured "Opus No. 1", renamed to "Opus \ Žena tame" ("Opus \ Woman of Darkness"), the songs "Dolina bisera" ("Valley of Pearls") and "Viđenje po Grigu" ("Seeing by Grieg"), released on the 7-inch single, and the song "Memento Mori", which featured Dah member Zlatko Manojlović on vocals.[2] However, the album was not well received, as the critics expected more from the band on the basis of their live performances, and Opus disbanded once again.[1]

In 1977, Okrugić once again reformed Opus.[1] The lineup featured Okrugić, Orlić, Želimir Vasić (drums) and Milan Matić (guitar). After the reunion, the band released the single "Ne dam da budeš srećna" ("I Won't Let You Be Happy") and went through numerous lineup changes.[1] The last lineup featured Okrugić, Orlić, Vladan Dokić (drums), Zoran Dašić (guitar), Vidoja Božinović (a former Pop Mašina member, guitar), and Dragan Baletić (a former Crni Biseri member, vocals).[3] The band finally ended their activity in 1979.[1]

In 2013, Opus 1 was reissued on both CD and vinyl by Austrian record label Atlantide.[4]


Studio albumsEdit


  • "Veče" / "Sam" (1974)
  • "Dolina bisera" / "Viđenje po Grigu" (1975)
  • "Ne dam da budeš srećna" / "Ona je dama" (1977)


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