Operation Spider

Operation Spider (Serbo-Croatian: Operacija Pauk, Операција Паук) was a combined effort by Republika Srpska and the Republic of Serb Krajina to recover the territory of the Autonomous Province of Western Bosnia, which was a key ally of the Serbs. The Bosnian central government had previously overrun and seized the territory. The operation ended in a Serb victory and the Autonomous Province of Western Bosnia remained in existence until the fall of its key ally the Republic of Serbian Krajina and the subsequent end of the war.

Operation Spider
Part of Bosnian War
Western Autonomous Republics of the Former Yugoslavia 1993.png
Western Bosnia is the light green canton in the middle
Date4 — 20 November 1994
Result Decisive Serb victory; Autonomous Province of Western Bosnia re-established.
Republika Srpska Republika Srpska
 Republic of Serbian Krajina
Bosnia and Herzegovina ARBIH
Commanders and leaders
Republika Srpska Franko Simatović "Frenki" [1] Bosnia and Herzegovina Atif Dudaković