Operation Jubilee order of battle

Operation Jubilee was the Allied code name for the raid at Dieppe on the French coast on August 19, 1942. The following order of battle lists the significant military units that participated in the battle, or were available as reserve.


Ground forcesEdit

The landing force commander was Major-General John Roberts, the commander of the 2nd Canadian Infantry Division.

In addition a detachment of the 1st U.S. Ranger Battalion was assigned as observers to various units

Naval forcesEdit

The naval forces were under the command of Captain John Hughes-Hallett RN.

Eight Hunt-class destroyers:

Supporting elements came from Royal Navy Coastal Forces

Air forcesEdit

The Allied air forces were under the command of Air Vice Marshal Trafford Leigh-Mallory. The Deputy Senior Air Staff Officer in the group, Group Captain Harry Broadhurst flew "air observation" at Dieppe.[3]

The RAF Air Sea Rescue Service also operated some aircraft.



  • 302nd Static Infantry Division (Generalleutnant Konrad Haase), part of LXXXI Army Corps, Army Group D, defending the coast at Dieppe.
    • 570th Infantry Regiment
    • 571st Infantry Regiment
    • 572nd Infantry Regiment
    • 302nd Artillery Regiment
    • 302nd Reconnaissance Battalion
    • 302nd Antitank Battalion
    • 302nd Engineer Battalion
  • 216th Battery
  • 813th Battery
  • 2/770 Army Coastal Battery
  • Heavy Flak Group

Reserves not participating in the battle:



  1. ^ Did not disembark; served as anti-aircraft gunners on LCT; two sergeants shot down a German aircraft, earning Mentions in Despatches


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Further readingEdit

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