Operación Triunfo (Mexican TV series)

Operación Triunfo was the Mexican version of the Spanish TV series Operación Triunfo based on the international franchise Star Academy.

Season 1 (2002) edit

Only one sole edition was broadcast in Mexico in 2002, on the Mexican TV station Televisa. The sole season was hosted by Jaime Camil and the winner of the reality contest was Darina Márquez, becoming the first winner ever of a reality musical competition in Latin American history.

The jury was made up of:

  • Jaime Almeida: specialist, musical producer, conductor
  • Karen Guindi: compositor, Musical producer, conductor
  • Kiko Marti: musical producer and photographer
  • Manuel Calderón: musical director

The teachers were:

  • Patricia Reyes Spíndola: Academy director
  • Elena Lara: Academy coordinator
  • Fernando Lima: vocal coach
  • Jack Jackson: vocal techniques and interpretation
  • Víctor Manuel Ramos: vocal projection
  • Vico Rubín: interpretation and style
  • Marius Biegai: body expression
  • Verónica Falcón: choreographer, dance and movement
  • Rodolfo Ayala: dance and assistant choreographer
  • Pat Gordon: English pronunciation
  • Tere Ambé: spinning
  • Amado Cavazos: yoga
  • Sebastian Tapie: "traveler" , meditation

Contestants / results edit

The following table shows the names and backgrounds of the contestants, and the place occupied in the competition.

Contestant Origin Status
Darina Pachuca, Hidalgo First winner
Lizette Ciudad Valles, San Luis Potosí Second winner
Miguel Inzunza Querétaro, Querétaro Third winner
Mauricio Martínez Monterrey, Nuevo León 4th finalist
Nadia Yuriar Culiacán, Sinaloa 5th finalist
Rodrigo Arizpe Saltillo, Coahuila 6th finalist
Mar Contreras Culiacán, Sinaloa 10th elimination
Yadira Culiacán Sinaloa 9th elimination
Daniel Piloto Pachuca, Hidalgo 8th elimination
Jesús Falcón Macuspana, Tabasco 7th elimination
Judith Leyva Hermosillo, Sonora 6th elimination
Pako Madrid Los Mochis, Sinaloa 5th elimination
Ana Valeria (Anaís) Cuautla, Morelos 4th elimination
Ángel Guadalajara, Jalisco 3rd elimination
Josué Bravo Cholula, Puebla 2nd elimination
Gaby Marín México, DF 1st elimination
Martha King Culiacán, Sinaloa Abandoned

Originally only 16 Academy students were planned, but Martha King was also included with the gala shows.

No further seasons were made in Mexico. As of March 2020, there is no announcement regarding a reboot.

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