Public Prosecution Service (Netherlands)

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The Public Prosecution Service[2] (Dutch: Openbaar Ministerie, OM; lit.'Public Ministry') is the body of public prosecutors in the Dutch criminal justice system.

Netherlands Public Prosecution Service
Openbaar Ministerie
Logo Openbaar Ministerie.png
Agency overview
Formed1811 (1811)[1]
TypeProsecution Service
JurisdictionGovernment of the Netherlands
HeadquartersPrins Clauslaan 60 2595 AJ The Hague, Netherlands (Hague office)
Minister responsible
Key document

The literal translation of Openbaar Ministerie, "Public Ministry", can lead to a misunderstanding, as the OM is not a ministry like the Ministry of Finance.

The Public Prosecution Service decides who has to appear in front of the judge and for which offence or crime. It is the body that can decide to prosecute someone. The main domain of the OM is criminal law rather than civil law.

The OM has ten regional offices, directed nationally by the College van Procureurs-Generaal (lit.'College of Attorneys-General') in The Hague. The OM is ultimately responsible to the Minister of Justice and Safety (Minister van Justitie en Veiligheid), who together with the college determines the priorities and organisation of the Service.[3]


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