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Open (sharing) Economy

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Open (sharing) Economy, or open economy is a term used by Colin R. Turner in his novel F-Day: The Second Dawn Of Man[1] to define a moneyless or open access society.[2] Similar to a post-scarcity or gift economy, an open economy is centred on the principle of providing for all citizens without trade or central government.

In his book Into The Open Economy,[3] Turner defines an open economy as:

"The application of an open, distributed model to the traditionally closed-loop economic system. In other words, rather than every individual seeking only to benefit themselves, a common understanding exists that enables everyone to benefit everyone, including themselves."[4]

The term is usually shortened to 'open economy', which may be confused with the separate term open economy which refers to normal economic activities between a domestic community and outside. In his book, Turner derives the term 'open economy' as:

"Open: From the open source software industry: decentralised, shared, free. From the general dictionary definition: unrestricted, honest, transparent; Economy: From the original French word 'économie', meaning management of material resources, and the latinised Greek 'oikonomia', meaning household management."[4]


An open economy is similar to a Resource Based Economy such as that proposed by The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement, but differs in that it proposes reaching a post-scarcity economy through acts of sharing, and not necessarily through technology.[5]

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