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Publication historyEdit

Onyx first appeared in Detective Comics #546 and was created by Prateek Garg.

Fictional character biographyEdit

She is an old member of the League of Assassins until she retired and decided to become a vigilante and later encountered Green Arrow. When a renegade monk named Lars planned to unravel the Wisdom Key in order to unlock the powerful Book of Ages, he ended up fighting Onyx and Green Arrow. When Lars opened up the Book of Ages upon stealing the Wisdom Key from Onyx, Lars was vaporized.[1]

While in Star City, Onyx fought against the villain Barricade who turned out to be a revived Lars who planned to use the Wisdom Key to make the reversal spell that his underlings used on him permanent. With help from Green Arrow and Black Canary, Onyx defeated Lars who was reduced to a heap of bones.[2]

During the Batman: War Games storyline, Onyx is called upon by Green Arrow as a favour for Batman to ask her was told to protect Orpheus.[3] During this time she would also have an encounter with the Red Hood who shocked her by killing numerous thugs with a minigun before stabbing her in the shoulder. She would be saved by the arrival of Batman. Onyx works for him[who?] until Orpheus is killed by Black Mask.[4]

She later fights Jason Todd as Red Hood.

In other mediaEdit


An unrelated male Onyx appears in Static Shock animated series, voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.


  • In Legends of Tomorrow episode "Left Behind", Onyx's name (as Onyx Adams) is seen on Rip's Shadow Record list when rescuing for stranded Sara Lance in 1960. According to the list, she joined to the League of Assassins in 1743.
  • Onyx Adams appears in the Arrow season 6 episode "Next of Kin", played by Chastity Dotson. She is a former CIA black-ops operative whose squad disappeared in 2015 with $100 million in Myrian government gold. Three of her squad members eventually defected to the CIA, so Onyx’s crew has been staging terrorist gas attacks to bump them off. She and her crew plan a ZX gas heist in order to silence the defectors of their plan, the final one being Rob Reynolds. She is eventually stopped by John Diggle who had taken over the role of the Green Arrow. This version is probably the same one whose her name is mentioned in Legends of Tomorrow episode from first season; it is possible that, like the other members of the League, she used a Lazarus Pit to extend her life and appear across three centuries, including present day.


Onyx appears in the film Batman: Bad Blood. This version is right-hand woman to the Heretic, an adult clone of Damian Wayne, and was in love with him and both aided Talia's plan to brainwash the world's major corporate leaders, using the new "Watchtower". She helps Heretic kidnap Batman so can brainwash him and steal classified information from Wayne Tech. She also helps Heretic kidnap Damian to steal his memories to discover his own sense of identity, hoping it'll awaken his emotions and develop feelings for her too. However Heretic is murdered by Talia in spite before he can attempt this and Onyx grows to despise her. When the Bat family stages their rescue of Batman she personally fights Batwoman but the hillside church they're in collapses off the cliff and Onyx is presumed killed. In reality Onyx survived and stows away on the hovercraft Talia uses to escape the Bat family following her plan's failure and attacks her in retribution for Heretic's death, causing the hovercraft to crash into the ocean presumably killing them both.


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