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The Ontario general election, 1923 was the 16th general election held in the Province of Ontario, Canada. It was held on June 25, 1923, to elect the 111 Members of the 16th Legislative Assembly of Ontario ("MLAs").

Ontario general election, 1923

← 1919 June 25, 1923 1926 →

111 seats in the 16th Legislative Assembly of Ontario
56 seats were needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
  Howard Ferguson.jpg Ernest Drury.jpg LIB
Leader Howard Ferguson Ernest C. Drury Wellington Hay
Party Conservative United Farmers-Labour coalition Liberal
Leader since 1919 1919 1921
Leader's seat Grenville Halton (lost re-election) Perth North (lost re-election)
Last election 25 58 27
Seats won 75 21 14
Seat change Increase50 Decrease37 Decrease13
Percentage 49.8% 25.6% 21.8%
Swing Increase14.9pp Decrease7.7pp Decrease5.1pp

Premier before election

Ernest Charles Drury
United Farmers


Howard Ferguson

The Ontario Conservative Party, led by George Howard Ferguson, was returned to power with a majority in the Legislature as voters rejected the United Farmers of Ontario-Labour coalition government of Ernest C. Drury.

The Ontario Liberal Party, led by Wellington Hay, lost close to half its caucus in the Conservative landslide.


Voter turnoutEdit

The election saw a voter turnout of just 54.7 per cent, the lowest voter turnout in Ontario history until the 2007 election.[1]


  Party Leader 1919 Elected % change Popular vote
% change
  Conservative George Howard Ferguson 25 75 +200% 49.8% +14.9%
United Farmers Ernest C. Drury 44 17[a][b] -61.4% 20.9% -0.8%
     Labour 11 4[c] -63.6% 4.7% -6.9%
  Labour-United Farmers 1[c] -100%    
  Liberal-United Farmers 1[b] -100%    
Soldier 1[d] -100%    
  Liberal Wellington Hay 27 14 -48.1% 21.8% -5.1%
  Independent   - 1      
  Liberal Independent   1 -100%    
Total Seats 111 111 - 100%  

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  1. ^ Though the UFO emerged with the second largest bloc of seats, they were denied Official Opposition status by new Premier Howard Ferguson who used as justification an announcement by UFO general secretary James J. Morrison that the UFO would be withdrawing from party politics.
  2. ^ a b David James Taylor was elected as a Liberal-United Farmers MLA in 1919 was re-elected as a straight UFO MLA in 1923.[1]
  3. ^ a b Karl Homuth, who was elected as the UFO-Labour MLA for Waterloo South in 1919 was re-elected as a Labour MLA in 1923 and 1927. He would cross the floor to join the Conservative Party in 1929.[2] Morrison MacBride broke with the Labour caucus shortly after the 1919 election in a dispute over its relationship with the UFO and sat in opposition for the entire life of the legislature. He ran for re-election as a "Conservative-Labour" candidate in 1926 though he sat as a Labour MLA after the election.
  4. ^ Joseph McNamara, MLA for Riverdale listed his political affiliation as "Soldier" in Ontario Legislative Assembly records while Elections Ontario records indicate he was elected as a UFO candidate. He did not run for re-election in 1923 but attempted to regain the Riverdale seat in 1948 as a Liberal candidate and came in third place behind the CCF and the Progressive Conservatives.