Only Croatia – Movement for Croatia

Only Croatia – Movement for Croatia (Croatian: Jedino Hrvatska – Pokret za Hrvatsku) is a political party in Croatia, formed in 2007.[1]

Only Croatia – Movement for Croatia

Jedino Hrvatska – Pokret za Hrvatsku
LeaderMilovan Šibl
Founded9 May 2007
Political positionRight-wing

The party was established by disaffected founding members of the HDZ, the Croatian Bloc (which extinguished itself the following year), and by a group of Croatian generals, including Marinko Krešić and Ljubo Ćesić Rojs, who were deeply worried about perceived foreign economic and political threats to the Croatian State.

The party opposes foreign ownership of strategic Croatian resources and real-estate, including the media and key industries. Likewise, the party is against Croatian membership of NATO and especially the European Union. Only Croatia does not recognise the current borders of the Republic of Croatia, delineated by the Communists in 1943 and imposed in 1945, as being either its historic or natural borders.

In the 2007 Croatian parliamentary election, the party competed but won no seats in Sabor. Their best showing was in the 6th electoral district where they won 1.77% of the vote.[2]


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