Ong (surname)

Ong is a Hokkien romanization of several Chinese surnames: (Wáng in Hanyu Pinyin), (also Wāng), (traditional) or (simplified; Huáng); and (Weng). Ong or Onge is also a surname of English origin, with earliest known records found in Western Suffolk taxation records from c. 1280 AD.[1]


Under the Pe̍h-ōe-jī romanization system, 王 but not the other names includes a circumflex over its vowel: Ông. However, this is often omitted in practice.


In Singapore, Ong is the fifth-most-common surname among Chinese residents. In the United States, Ong was the 6,682nd most common surname during the 1990 US census and the 4,343rd most common surname during the year 2000 US census.[2]

Notable OngsEdit


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