Oneia Mountains

Coordinates: 37°52′09″N 22°55′44″E / 37.869117°N 22.928955°E / 37.869117; 22.928955 The Oneia Mountains (Greek: Όνεια Όρη or Oneia Ori) are a low mountain range in Corinthia, northeastern Peloponnese, Greece. The range extends 9 km from west to east, starting west of the village of Solomos, passing south of the village of Xylokeriza and ending near the Bay of Kechries, on the Saronic Gulf.[1]

The highest peaks are Profitis Ilias (Greek: Προφήτης Ηλίας), at 581m, and Oxy (Greek: Οξύ), at 562 meters. The other two peaks measure 507m and 229m respectively.

The range is also known in the singular as Mt Oneio (Greek: Όνειο όρος) or Mt Oneion, as well as the Xylokeriza Mountains (Greek: τα βουνά της Ξυλοκέριζας).

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