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The one hour run is an athletics event in which competitors try to cover as much distance as possible within one hour. While officially recognized by the International Association of Athletics Federations as a track event, it is rarely contested apart from occasional world record attempts.

One hour run
Men's records
WorldEthiopia Haile Gebrselassie 21,285 metres (13.226 mi) (2007)
Women's records
WorldEthiopia Dire Tune 18,517 metres (11.506 mi) (2008)

The event has a long history, with first recorded races dating back to the late 17th century.[1] The first athlete to run more than 20 kilometers in one hour was Emil Zátopek, in September 1951. Zátopek also set the 20,000 meters world record in the same race, and since that time most men's 20,000 m world records were set en route to one hour world records.

The men's world record is 21,285 metres (13.226 mi), set by Haile Gebrselassie on 27 June 2007, while the women's world record is 18,517 metres (11.506 mi), set by Dire Tune on 12 June 2008.

Men's world record progressionEdit

Distance Athlete Country Venue Date
18,742 m Alfred Shrubb   Great Britain Glasgow 1904-11-05
19,021 m Jean Bouin   France Stockholm 1913-07-06
19,210 m Paavo Nurmi   Finland Berlin 1928-10-07
19,339 m Viljo Heino   Finland Turku 1945-09-30
19,558 m Emil Zátopek   Czechoslovakia Prague 1951-09-15
20,052 m Emil Zátopek   Czechoslovakia Stará Boleslav 1951-09-29
20,190 m Bill Baillie   New Zealand Auckland 1963-08-24
20,232 m Ron Clarke   Australia Geelong 1965-10-27
20,664 m Gaston Roelants   Belgium Leuven 1966-10-28
20,784 m Gaston Roelants   Belgium Brussels 1972-09-20
20,907 m Jos Hermens   Netherlands Papendal 1975-09-28
20,944 m Jos Hermens   Netherlands Papendal 1976-05-01
21,101 m Arturo Barrios   Mexico La Flèche 1991-03-30
21,285 m Haile Gebrselassie   Ethiopia Ostrava 2007-06-27


Women's world record progressionEdit

Distance Athlete Country Venue Date
18,084 m Silvana Cruciata   Italy Rome 1981-05-02
18,340 m Tegla Loroupe   Kenya Borgholzhausen 1998-08-07
18,517 m Dire Tune   Ethiopia Ostrava 2008-06-12


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