OnePiece (music production team)

OnePiece (Korean원피스) is a Korean production team composed of musicians Yoon Sang, Davink, wan9u, and Spacecowboy.[1] OnePiece made their debut without wan9u in November 2015 with a hip-hop and EDM genre mix of the song "Let's Get It" featuring Dok2.[2] OnePiece has contributed extensively to the Korean girl group Lovelyz's music.[3][4] Wan9u joined the group in 2016.

Also known as1Piece
OriginSouth Korea
Genressynthpop, electronica
Years active2014 (2014)–present
Labelsode INC
Digitalian Studio
MembersYoon Sang, Davink(lm Hyung-bin) (다빈크), Spacecowboy(Park Sung-jin)(스페이스 카우보이), wan9u (Wan Gu)

Formation and production history edit

OnePiece was formed around producer and singer Yoon Sang in 2014. Yoon Sang and Spacecowboy first collaborated when Spacecowboy provided the rhythm track for Yoon Sang's 2014 single "If you wanna console me…(날 위로하려거든)". Davink worked on Yoon Sang's The Duets album and, after their work on that album, the group officially formed.[5]

Their sound is mostly electronica-based, using synthesizers to create a retro feel. OnePiece has provided a lot of the musical direction for Lovelyz's sound, and are credited with helping them maintain a distinctive "color" of music with consistent sales, and popularity. This popularity was especially reflected with the OnePiece-produced track "Ah-Choo" which ended up being sleeper hit that had a long life on Korean music charts in 2015.[6]

Songwriting and production credits edit

Lovelyz edit

Girls' Invasion

  1. Introducing The Candy (composition: Spacecowboy)
  2. Candy Jelly Love (composition: Yoon Sang, Spacecowboy)
  3. 어제처럼 굿나잇 (composition: DAVINK)
  4. 이별 Chapter 1 (composition: Yoon Sang, Spacecowboy)
  5. 비밀여행 (co-composer: OnePiece)
Hi~ (Girls' Invasion Repackage)
  1. 안녕 (Hi~) (composer: OnePiece)
  2. 놀이공원 (Amusement Park) (composer: OnePiece)
  1. Ah-Choo (composer: OnePiece)
  1. Circle (composers: Yoon Sang, DAVINK)
A New Trilogy
  1. Moonrise (Composed by Yoon Sang, Spacecowboy)
  2. Destiny (나의 지구) (Composed by Yoon Sang, Spacecowboy)
  3. 책갈피 (Composed by Yoon Sang, Spacecowboy, Choi Young-Jun)
  4. 마음 (Composed by OnePiece)
Fever Festival Compilation Album
  1. Take me somewhere (producer: OnePiece)

Infinite Challenge edit

Infinite Challenge Yeongdong Expressway Music Festival
  1. My Life (Feat. Hyolyn of Sistar) - Sangjuna (My Life) (composer and arranger: OnePiece)

Exo-CBX edit

  1. Crush U (composer: OnePiece)

Bae Suzy edit

  1. Preference (Les Préférences) (composer and arrangement: OnePiece)

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