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On the Mountain of Tai Hang (Chinese: 太行山上; pinyin: Tài Háng shān shàng) is a 2005 Chinese film about the newly formed Eighth Route Army, led by general commander Zhu De, marching east cross the Yellow River to form Mount Tai Hang military region during the Second Sino-Japanese War. It was produced by the People's Liberation Army-associated August First Film Studio and directed by Wei Lian, Shen Dong and Chen Jian. The film stars Wang Wufu (as Zhu De), Lu Qi (as Deng Xiaoping).

On the Mountain of Tai Hang
Directed byChen Jian
Shen Dong
Wei Lian
Written byLu Zhuguo
StarringWang Wufu
Li Shusheng
Xu Guangming
Release date
Running time
117 min.

The film won the 25th Golden Rooster Award for Best Picture in 2005.


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