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On a white bus

On a white bus is a mnemonic device used to commit subordinating conjunctions and relative pronouns of the English language to memory. Subordinating conjunctions and relative pronouns can start a subordinating clause or a clause that describes a noun. Some letters in this phrase stand for more than one subordinating conjunction.

  • O: only if, once
  • N: now that
  • A: after, although, as, as long as, as much as, as soon as, as though
  • W(h): where, wherever, when, whenever, whether, while, which,whether or not , whoever, whereas, why
  • H: How, however
  • I: in case, if, in order that
  • T: though, than , therefore, that
  • E: even though, even if
  • B: before, because
  • U: until, unless
  • S: since, so that
  • L: lest

Other subordinating conjunctions : provided , provided that , since , so that , rather than