Omar/Umar/Omer is a masculine given name that has different origins in Arabic, Hebrew and German.

Calligraphic representation of caliph Omar's name, the most famous bearer of this name.
  • /ˈmɑːr/
  • /ˈmər/
  • Arabic: [ˈʕomar]
Word/nameArabic, Hebrew, Germanic
Meaning'flourishing, long-lived' (Arabic) or 'wealthy, famous' (Germanic) or 'eloquent, gifted speaker' (Hebrew)
Region of originMiddle East
Other names
Related namesMohammed, Abdulah, Ali, Ahmad, Khalid, Hamza, Ibrahim, Adam

Umar or Omar is a common name (Arabic: عمر) in Arabic-speaking and Muslim populations in general. Omar is represented in Islamic traditions, meaning 'flourishing, long lived'. The name dates back to the emergence and military success of Islam, which were partly due to the second caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab (also spelled Omar, r. 634–644).

There was also a biblical figure by the name of Omer (Hebrew: אוֹמָר) in the Hebrew Bible, meaning 'eloquent' or 'gifted speaker'. Another similar Hebrew name is Omer (Hebrew: עומר), derived from 'sheaf' or 'bundle of grain'.

The name Ómar also became popular as a man's name in Iceland, and to a much lesser extent in Nordic countries.[1] The name can also be a variant of Ottomar or Othmar, a Germanic name consisting of elements *aud, meaning 'wealthy', and *mari, meaning 'fame'.[citation needed]

The name Omaar (أومار) is a Somali name, not a variant of Omar/Umar. It comes from the Somali word Oomaar which means 'hot steam from boiling pot'.[citation needed]

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Oumar edit

  • Oumar Barro (born 1974), Burkinabé (from Burkina Faso) footballer
  • Oumar Dieng (born 1972), Senegalese footballer
  • Oumar Diouck (born 1994), Senegalese-born Belgian footballer
  • Oumar Kalabane (born 1981), Guinean footballer
  • Oumar Loum (born 1973), Senegalese athlete who competes in the 200 metres
  • Oumar Mariko (born 1959), Malian doctor, politician and noted former student activist
  • Oumar Niasse (born 1990), Senegalese footballer
  • Oumar Sène (born 1959), former Senegalese football midfielder
  • Oumar Tchomogo (born 1978), Beninese football player
  • Oumarou Ganda (1935–1981), Nigerian director and actor

Umar edit

  • Abadir Umar Ar-Rida (fl. 13th century), Somali Sheikh and saint of Harar
  • Abû 'Umar ibn Sa'îd (died c. 1287), the last ra’îs of Manûrqa (1282–1287)
  • Al-Muzaffar Umar (died 1191), Ayyubid prince of Hama and a general of Saladin
  • Ghali Umar Na'Abba (born 1964), Nigerian businessman and politician
  • Umar Abdulmutallab, Nigerian al-Qaeda member known as the Christmas Bomber
  • Malik Umar Hayat Khan (1875–1944), soldier of the Indian Empire, one of the largest landholders in the Punjab, and an elected member of the Council of the State of India
  • Mifta al-Usta Umar (1935–2010), former Head of State of Libya from 15 February 1984 to 7 October 1990
  • Sanjar Umarov (born 1956), prominent Uzbek politician and businessman
  • Sitta Umaru Turay (born 1978), Sierra Leonean journalist and member of the editorial Board of the Sierra Express newspaper
  • Umar I, or Umar ibn al-Khattab (r. 634–644), the second Rashidun caliph of Islam; father of the prophet Muhammad's wife Hafsa bint Umar
  • Umar II, or Umar ibn Abd al-Aziz (r. 717–720), Umayyad caliph
  • Umar al-Aqta, (fl. 830s–863), emir of Melitene
  • Umar Akmal, (born 1990) Pakistani cricketer
  • Umar Alisha (born 1966), 9th peethadhipathi of Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Adhyatmika Peetham
  • Umar Arteh Ghalib (1930–2020), prominent Somali politician and a former prime minister of Somalia
  • Umar Bhatti (born 1984), Pakistani-born Canadian cricketer
  • Umar Dimayev (1908–1972), Chechen musician
  • Umar Din (ruled 1526–1553), sultan of Adal
  • Umar Gul, (born 1984), Pakistani former cricketer
  • Umar ibn Abd al-Aziz, or Umar II (r. 717–720), Umayyad caliph
  • Umar ibn Hafsun, 9th century leader of rebel forces in the Caliphate of Córdoba
  • Umar ibn al-Khattab, or Umar I (r. 634–644), the second Rashidun caliph of Islam; father of the prophet Muhammad's wife Hafsa bint Umar
  • Umar ibn Marwan ibn al-Hakam, the son of the fourth Umayyad caliph Marwan I; ruled for less than a year in 684–685
  • Umar ibn Sa'ad (c. 620–680), one of the leaders of the troops who killed the prophet Muhammad's grandson Husayn ibn Ali in the Battle of Karbala in 680
  • Umar ibn Uthman, a son of the third caliph Uthman (r. 644–656)
  • Umar Johnson (born 1974), American Pan-Africanist
  • Umar Kayam (1932–2002), Indonesian sociologist
  • Umar Muhammad (born 1975), American football player
  • Umar Mustafa al-Muntasir (1939–2001), prime minister of Libya from 1 March 1987 to 7 October 1990 and foreign minister from 1992 to 2000
  • Umar of Borno (died 1881), Sheikh of the Kanem-Bornu Empire
  • Umar Patek (born 1970), Indonesian involved in 2002 Bali Bombing
  • Umar Shaikh Mirza I (1356–1394), son of the Central Asian conqueror Timur
  • Umar Shaikh Mirza II (1456–1494), Timurid king of Ferghana and father of Babur, founder of the Mughal Empire in India
  • Umar Tall (c. 1797–1864), West African scholar and military commander
  • Umar Wirahadikusumah (1924–2003), Vice-President of Indonesia from 1983 to 1988

Umaru edit

  • Umaru Bangura (born 1987), Sierra Leonean international footballer
  • Umaru Dikko (1936–2014), Nigerian politician
  • Umaru Mutallab (born 1939), played a major role in introducing Islamic banking into Nigeria
  • Umaru Pulavar (born 1642), Tamil Muslim poet
  • Umaru Rahman (born 1982), Sierra Leonean international footballer
  • Umaru Yar'Adua (1951–2010), the 2nd President of Nigeria's Fourth Republic

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  • Omarion (born 1984), American R&B singer, actor, songwriter, record producer, dancer
  • Omarr Smith (born 1977), American football defensive back for the San Jose SaberCats
  • Oumarou Ganda (1935–1981), Nigerian director and actor
  • Umer Shareef (1955–2021), Pakistani stand-up comedian, stage, film and television actor, writer, director and producer
  • Umur the Lion (died 1348), the Turkish Emir of Aydin from 1336 to 1344
  • Ymär Sali (1876–1951), Tatar entrepreneur in Finland
  • Ymär Daher (1910–1999), Tatar cultural worker in Finland

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  • Mamane Oumarou (born 1946), Nigerian political figure who served two brief periods as prime minister of Niger during the 1980s

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  • Teuku Umar (c. 1854–1899), leader of Acehnese during the Aceh War
  • Yahya ibn Umar (died 864), Alid who rebelled against the Abbasid Caliphate

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