Olivia is a feminine given name in the English language. It is derived from Latin oliva, olive. Both Oliva and Olivia were Latinate forms in use in English-speaking countries as early as the 13th century. Olive was in common use as a vernacular form.[2] Though not invented by William Shakespeare, the name was popularized by a character in the Twelfth Night.[3]

A coloured lithograph of a fruiting branch of an olive plant
Name dayApril 15 (Sweden)

May 29 (Finland) (Greece)

June 10 (Italy)
Meaningolive, olive tree, "peace"
Other names
Pet form(s)Liv, Livi, Livvy, Ollie, Olly, Livia, Livy, Livvie, Livie, Livvi, Olz
Related namesOliva, Olive, Oliver

Olivia has been a popular name throughout the English-speaking world since the mid-1990s, and has been one of the most popular given names for baby girls in the United Kingdom for much of that time.[4] In 2021, it topped Babycenter's top 100[5] and was the third most popular name for girls in Australia.[6] Olivia was the most popular name for girls in both the United States and the United Kingdom in 2020. It has also been among the most popular names for girls in many other European countries, Canada and New Zealand in recent years.[7]

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