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Olexiy Poroshenko

Olexiy Petrovych Poroshenko (Ukrainian: Олексій Петрович Порошенко; born 6 March 1985) is a Ukrainian politician and son of President Petro Poroshenko.

Olexiy Poroshenko
Олексій Порошенко
O.Poroshenko (1).jpg
People's Deputy of Ukraine
Assumed office
27 November 2014
Personal details
Oleksiy Petrovych Poroshenko

(1985-03-06) 6 March 1985 (age 33)
Kiev, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union
Political partyPetro Poroshenko Bloc
MotherMaryna Perevedentseva
FatherPetro Poroshenko
Alma materTaras Shevchenko National University

He is People's Deputy of Ukraine since November 2014.[1]



Olexiy Poroshenko is the eldest son of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and grandson of the Ukrainian politician and Hero of Ukraine (2009) Olexiy Ivanovich Poroshenko. He attended Eton College in Berkshire, United Kingdom, and studied at the Institute of International Relations of the Taras Shevchenko National University in Kiev (International Business) until 2008, the London School of Economics, and the INSEAD (Fontainebleau, France). He then worked for one year in his father's company and subsequently worked abroad in the diplomatic service of Ukraine.[2]

He was a representative in the regional parliament of Vinnytsia Oblast.[3]

During his participation in the special operation in Donbass, Olexiy Poroshenko was listed under a different name for conspiracy. He was 200 meters from the headquarters in Kramatorsk for two months. He lived separately from the rest of the soldiers at the command headquarters, where the then Minister of Defense, Valeriy Heletey, was based. Olexiy Poroshenko and Valeriy Heletey were guarded by twenty Special Forces soldiers. Also, Olexiy did not participate in any combat operations.[4][5]

On 7 April 2015, Olexiy Poroshenko had a car accident in the Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) in the center of Kiev. The pickup truck Mitsubishi L200, in which the soldiers of the Azov Battalion drove, crashed into his BMW 320 car. As a result, no one was injured, but the Poroshenko's car was seriously damaged. An accident was recorded by the Colonel of the State Vehicle Inspection and a representative of the President of Ukraine arrived to the scene of an accident.[6][7][8]

In August 2017, Olexiy Poroshenko became the first Ukrainian politician to win a grant for a trip to Singapore at the expense of state funds for an internship in public administration.[9] This trip was criticized in Ukrainian society because of the use of public funding.[10][11] Poroshenko justified his candidature by the fact that the selection of candidates “was conducted by the Singapore side”.[12]


According to the electronic declaration, in 2015, Olexiy Poroshenko received 77,212 (US$3,227) as salary in the Verkhovna Rada. From the state budget, he was granted 80,559 hryvnias compensation for expenses related to deputy activities. Poroshenko had the office in Vinnytsia with an area of 178.5 m², which at the time of acquisition (November 15, 2013) cost ₴ 1.8 million (US$219,673). Together with his mother, Olexiy Poroshenko has an apartment in Kiev with an area of 80.66 m². Poroshenko declared three cars: GAZ-14 (Chaika, produced in 1981), BMW 320i Cabrio (produced in 2011, the cost of ₴ 424.64 thousand), and Land Rover Discovery 4.0 (2013, the cost of ₴ 680.4 thousand). On the accounts in the International Investment Bank, Poroshenko had 15 011, US$141 thousand, and €88 thousand. He also declared ₴ 187 thousand in cash.[13][14][15][16]

"A deputy is a representative of people; he has a wide range of responsibilities. Peoples deputies have access to decision-making, which, in the end, cost the country billions. And wherein they receive 5-6 thousand hryvnias."

— Olexiy Poroshenko, Izvestia in Ukraine, 2016.[17]

In 2016, Poroshenko received ₴ 152,941 as salary in the Verkhovna Rada. On the accounts in the International Investment Bank, Olexiy Poroshenko had €11.9 thousand, US$95.6 thousand, and €82.1 thousand. He declared ₴ 317.2 thousand in cash. His spouse, Julia Poroshenko, declared ₴ 82,988 as salary in the McKinsey & Company Ukraine. Income from insurance payments was 953,886 hryvnias. She had 138,879 euros in the bank account of BNP Paribas overseas. On the accounts in the International Investment Bank, Julia Poroshenko had €82.1 thousand, US$95.6 thousand. She also had US$304,859 at the Citibank overseas.[18]

In March 2016, Olexiy Poroshenko expressed dissatisfaction with the salary level of the deputies of the Ukrainian parliament.[17]

Personal lifeEdit

Olexiy Poroshenko is the son of Maryna Perevedentseva and Petro Poroshenko.[19] He has two sisters, the twins Yevheniya and Oleksandra (born 2000), and a brother, Mykhaylo (born 2002).[19] Olexiy Poroshenko is married and has a son, born 7 June 2014.[20]

Olexiy Poroshenko is depicted on one of the walls in a church located on the territory of his father's landholding in the VIP village of Kozyn (Koncha-Zaspa historic neighbourhood in the Holosiivskyi District of the city of Kiev). The estate of Petro Poroshenko is located 13 kilometers from Kiev along the Novoobuhovskaya highway. The fresco depicts the family of Poroshenko, including Petro Poroshenko with his wife Marina, the children Olexiy, Yevheniya, Oleksandra and Mykhaylo. According to the icon painter Dmitry Marchenko, in terms of style, the image is similar to the paintings of the 19th century Russian painter Ivan Makarov, whose paintings include Emperor Alexander III with his family.[21][22][23]


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