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Oldham College was established in 1893 after a donation from the Platt family, a famous textile machinery manufacturer. This led to the institution of the School of Art and Science in the town centre. It was situated on the junction of Ashcroft St. and the former Chapel St., the site is now occupied by the Town Square Shopping Centre.

Today, Oldham College offers an extensive range of qualifications in a variety of areas including digital and creative, performing arts and media, financial and professional services, sport, travel and public services, construction and the built environment, caring professions plus retail and commercial.

Vocational education is more important than ever with businesses wanting to take on new staff with the right skills and knowledge to work in their sector. We work closely with employers to ensure we are providing courses and developing students in sectors that are relevant, growing and have lots of opportunities. These employers contribute to the development of our curriculum and help in other ways such as providing work experience, master classes, workshops and much more.

Present dayEdit

Oldham College is part of a larger group offering education from primary to university level; from entry level to degrees, sponsoring Waterhead Academy in Lees and Stoneleigh Primary Academy in Derker as well as managing University of Huddersfield.

In 2015, under the leadership of Alun Francis, Oldham College fell from an outstanding College (grade 1) to requiring improvement (grade 3)[1]

In 2017, still under the leadership of Alun Francis, another requiring improvement grade was awarded.[2]

On 1 May 2018, the Manchester Evening News reported that the catering company who supplies Oldham College was graded zero by food safety inspectors.[3]

In December 2018, under the leadership of Alun Francis, Ofsted awarded Oldham College `good`.


Caring ProfessionsEdit

Access to HE and Early Years

- Apprenticeship In Children & Young People's workforce (1Year)

- Early Years Educator (2Years)

- Supporting Teaching and Learning In Schools (1Year)

- Access To Social Work & Social Science (1Year)

- Access To Nursing Midwifery & Allied Professions (1Year)

Health & Social Care and Science

- Apprenticeship In Dental Nursing (1Year)

- Apprenticeship In Health & Social Care (1Year)

- BTEC Diploma In Health and Social Care (1Year)

- GCSE Biology (1Year)

- GCSE Chemistry (1Year)

- Health, Care and Early Years (1Year)

- Science (1Year)

- Health & Care (2Years)

- Applied science (2Years)

- Counseling skills (1Year)

- Health Traineeship (16Weeks)

Construction & ManufacturingEdit

Brickwork & Professional Construction

- Apprenticeship In Brickwork (1Year)

- Brickwork (1Year)

- Professional Construction (2Years)

- Construction Multi-Trade Skills (1Year)

Decoration Occupations

- Apprenticeship In Painting & Decorating (1Year)

- Painting & Decorating (1Year)

Electro Technologies

- Apprenticeship In Electrical Installation (4Years)

- Apprenticeship In Street Lighting (1Year)

- Electrical (1Year)

Motor Vehicle

- Light Vehicle Maintenance (1Year)

Plumbing & Gas

- Apprenticeship In Plumbing (1Year)

- Plumbing (1Year)

- Construction (Plumbing & Electrical) Traineeship (14Weeks)

Wood Occupations & Plastering

- Apprenticeship In Wood Occupations (1Year)

- Carpentry & Joinery (1Year)

Digital & CreativeEdit

Art & Design

- Apprenticeship In Design (1Year)

Commercial Design

- Apprenticeship In Fashion & Textiles


- IT (1Year)

- Art & Design (1Year)

- Design and Photography (1Year)

- Games Design (1Year/2Years)

- Pre Degree Foundation Art & Design (1Year)

- Access To Design & Creative (1Year)

- Fine Art (1Year)

- Photography (2Years)

- Fashion & Textiles (2Years)

- Graphic Design (2Years)

- Digital and Creative Traineeship (16Weeks)


- Media (1Year/2Years)

- Hardware & Networking (1Year/2Years)

- Web & Software Development (1Year/2Years)

- Access To Computing (1Year)

Digital Arts

- Apprenticeship In Social Media and Digital Marketing (1Year)

Hardware and Networking

- Apprenticeship In Information Technology (1Year)

Financial & Professional ServicesEdit

Accountancy & Financial Services

- Apprenticeship In Accountancy & Financial Services (1Year)

- Accounting (1Year)


- Apprenticeship In Business Administration (1Year)

- Apprenticeship In Customer Services (1Year)

- Apprenticeship In Retail (1Year)

- Business (12weeks/1Year/2Years)

- Access To HE Business (1Year)

- Business Traineeship (16Weeks)

Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

- Enterprise (2Years)

Law & Management

- Apprenticeship In Management (1Year)

- Apprenticeship In Team Leading & Management (1Year)

- Business Admin (1Year)

- Law (1Year/2Years)

Performing Arts & MediaEdit

Media & Music

- Music (1Year/2Years)

Performing Arts & Technical Theatre

- Music (1Year)

- Performing Arts (1Year/2Years)

- Technical Theatre (2Years)

Retail & CommercialEdit

Beauty & Make-up

- Apprenticeship In Beauty Therapy

- Apprenticeship In Nail Technician

- Beauty (1Year)

- Nails (1Year)

- Make-Up Artistry (1Year)

- Beauty Therapy (1Year)

- Special Effects and Theatre Make-Up (1Year)

- Beauty and Spa (1Year)

- Media Make-Up Artistry (1Year)

Hair & Beauty Technicians

- Apprenticeship In Food Production and Cookery

Hair and Barbering

- Apprenticeship In Barbering

- Apprenticeship In Hairdressing (1Year)

- Hairdressing (1Year)

- Barbering (1Year)

- Hairdressing Cutting & Styling (1Year)

- Hairdressing Hair Colouring Services (1Year)

- Hairdressing For Colour Technicians (1Year)

- Hairdressing & Beauty Traineeship (8Weeks)

Skills & EmployabilityEdit

Skills for Life & Work

- Preparing For Adulthood (1Year)

- Preparing For Work (1Year)

- Supported Internship (1Year)


- Pathway Vocational (33Weeks)

- Pathway To Progression (1Year)

Sport, Travel & Public ServicesEdit

Academies & External Provision

- Sport Manchester City Academy (2Years)


- Fitness Coaching (1Year)

- Exercise and Fitness (1Year)

- Sport (1Year/2Years)

- Intermediate Apprenticeship In Instructing Exercise and Fitness (1Year)

- Personal Training (1Year)

- Physical Education In Schools Sports (1Year)

- Advanced Apprenticeship In Exercise & Fitness (13Months)

- Advanced Apprenticeship In Supporting Teaching and Learning In Physical Education & School Sport (13Months)

- Physical Education In Sport Traineeship (8Weeks)

Travel & Tourism

- Travel & Tourism (1Year/2Years)

- Advanced Apprenticeship In Travel Services (2Years)

Uniformed Public Services

- Public Services (1Year/2Years)

Notable alumniEdit

Jodie Connor - singer songwriter


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