Old Synagogue (Berlin)

The Old Synagogue (German: Alte Synagoge) was a Jewish congregation and synagogue, that was located at Heidereutergasse 4, in Marienviertel, in the present-day Mitte district of Berlin, Germany.

Old Synagogue
German: Alte Synagoge
Engraving of the former synagogue, undated
AffiliationJudaism (former)
RiteNusach Ashkenaz
Ecclesiastical or organisational statusSynagogue (1714–1942)
StatusDestroyed (during WWII)
LocationHeidereutergasse 4, Marienviertel, Berlin
Old Synagogue (Berlin) is located in Berlin
Old Synagogue (Berlin)
Location of the former synagogue in Berlin
Geographic coordinates52°31′16″N 13°24′17″E / 52.5211°N 13.4048°E / 52.5211; 13.4048
TypeSynagogue architecture
Date established1642 (as a congregation)
Completed1714; 1855
DestroyedNovember 1942

Designed and built by Michael Kemmeter, the synagogue was built as a rectangular hall building. Consecrated in 1714 and remodelled in 1855,[1] the synagogue was known as the Great Synagogue until the opening of the New Synagogue, built in the 1860s to accommodate Berlin's expanding Jewish population.[2] Nevertheless, services continued to be held in the Old Synagogue into the 20th century; it was restored in 1928.[3]

The synagogue survived Kristallnacht but was destroyed during World War II. The last service took place in the Old Synagogue on November 20, 1942.[1] The site is marked with a plaque and part of the building's contours are marked with cobblestones.[4]

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