Old Custom House, Montreal

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The Old Custom House is a building in what is now Old Montreal, which served as Montreal's first custom house. The building was completed in 1836, designed by Montreal architect John Ostell in the Palladian revival style. It is a National Historic Site of Canada.[1] It now houses the Pointe-à-Callière Museum's gift shop.[2]

Custom House
Customs House Montreal.jpg
General information
Architectural stylePalladian revival
Coordinates45°30′09″N 73°33′15″W / 45.502565°N 73.554218°W / 45.502565; -73.554218Coordinates: 45°30′09″N 73°33′15″W / 45.502565°N 73.554218°W / 45.502565; -73.554218
Construction started1836
Design and construction
ArchitectJohn Ostell
Official nameFormer Montreal Custom House National Historic Site of Canada



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