Old Darülfünun building

Old Darülfünun building (Turkish: Eski Darülfünun Binası) was a university building constructed next to Haghia Sophia in Istanbul, Ottoman Empire in the mid 19th century.

Old Darülfünun Building
Eski Darülfünun Binası
View from sea point, 1909. Hagia Sophia behind
General information
TypeUniversity building, Parliamentary building
Locationİstanbul, Turkey
Construction started1845
Design and construction
ArchitectGaspare Fossati

It was a three-storey building in neo-Renaissance style that had a great visual impact on Istanbul's urban character. The building's designer was Swiss architect Gaspare Fossati (1809—1883), who was also responsible for extensive restoration of Hagia Sophia.[1]

After its construction as a university (Ottoman Turkish: Darülfünun) building in 1854, it was passed on to the Ministries of Finance and then on to the Ministry of Justice and Foundation. Later it was also used by the Ottoman Parliament, and finally served as Palace of Justice. It was destroyed by a fire in 1933.[2]


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