Old Cadet Chapel (West Point)

The Old Cadet Chapel at the United States Military Academy is a church and location of funeral and memorial services. It is the oldest chapel at West Point, having originally been built in 1836.[1] The chapel was originally located in the cadet area near present-day Bartlett Hall, but was disassembled brick-by-brick and moved to the West Point Cemetery when the current Cadet Chapel opened in 1910. Lutheran services are held at the old chapel on Sunday mornings during the school year.

Old Cadet Chapel
Old West Point Cadet Chapel.JPG
Coordinates: 41°23′55″N 73°58′01″W / 41.39861°N 73.96694°W / 41.39861; -73.96694
LocationWest Point Cemetery, United States Military Academy
CountryUnited States
Former name(s)Cadet Chapel
Dedicated1910 (in current location)
Architectural typeGreek Revival architecture

There are marble plaques on the walls commemorating the generals of the American Revolution. Benedict Arnold's plaque contains only the inscription "Major General — Born 1740", his name omitted due to his treason.[2]


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