Cantata (film)

  (Redirected from Oldás és kötés)

Cantata is a 1963 Hungarian drama film directed by Miklós Jancsó and starring Zoltán Latinovits, Andor Ajtay and Gyula Bodrogi.[1]

Directed byMiklós Jancsó
StarringZoltán Latinovits, Andor Ajtay, Gyula Bodrogi
Release date
  • 28 February 1963 (1963-02-28) (Hungary)

After witnessing a senior doctor about whom he had doubts bring back a patient from cardiac arrest a young doctor with peasant roots comes to question his whole life when the doctor collapses from the struggle. Feeling that his progress from peasant's son to city doctor was made too smoothly, without a need to struggle or learn about life, and has made him arrogant and lonely, he comes to realises he has become gradually estranged from his own class and background after he returns to visit his hometown.

Its Hungarian title is Oldás és kötés ("Loosening and Tightening"). The English title comes from the Cantata Profana. Its story, heard as a radio broadcast in the film, echos the conflict within the young doctor. It relates to nine sons raised by their father only to hunt, who know nothing of work, and spend all their time in the forest. The nine were turned magically into stags and, although recognised by their father, their altered natures mean they cannot return to live in their home.



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