Okito box

The okito box is a cylindrical box fitted to the size of a coin, used to perform coin magic. Invented by Tobias Bamberg, better known by the Stage name Okito, who first discovered the effect using a pill box for indigestion tablets. In effect, one or more coins placed in the box seems to vanish, appear and penetrate the box. This is used to achieve tricks such as "Coin Through the Box and Hand" as well as "Okito box, Coin and Handkerchief", in which a signed coin transports from the box into the knot of a handkerchief.[1]

Some magicians think that the box itself is so esoteric that it has no purpose. However people like David Roth, Mike Gallo, Chad Long, Chastain Criswell, and Paul Cummins have great routines. Chastain Criswell also uses a production of the box itself in order to make the prop less a prop and more a necessary container.


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