Okan (Go competition)

The Okan (Japanese: 王冠, Hepburn: Ōkan, 'crown' or 'king's crown') is a Japanese Go competition. It is open only to players of the Nihon Ki-in's Chubu branch located in Nagoya. The title match is a single game played between the reigning titleholder and a challenger. The winner's purse is 1,700,000 yen ($15,000).

Winners and runners-upEdit

Edition Year Winner Runner-up
1st 1953 Michiharu Sakai
2nd 1956 Tatsuaki Iwata
3rd 1957 Michiharu Sakai
4th 1958 Tatsuaki Iwata
5th 1959
6th 1960 Toshihiro Shimamura 五十川正雄
7th 1961 Tatsuaki Iwata
8th 1962 五十川正雄
9th 1964 五十川正雄
10th 1965 Tatsuaki Iwata
11th 1967 Tatsuaki Iwata Toshihiro Shimamura
12th 1969 Toshihiro Shimamura
13th 1970 Masamitsu Tsuchida
14th 1972 Yasumasa Hane Tatsuaki Iwata
15th 1974 Toshihiro Shimamura Yasumasa Hane
16th 1975 Yasumasa Hane
17th 1976 Tatsuaki Iwata Toshihiro Shimamura
18th 1977 Hiroshi Yamashiro Tatsuaki Iwata
19th 1978 Yasumasa Hane Hiroshi Yamashiro
20th 1979 Tatsuaki Iwata Yasumasa Hane
21st 1980 Shigeru Baba
22nd 1981 Hiroshi Yamashiro Tatsuaki Iwata
23rd 1982 Yasumasa Hane
24th 1983 Yasumasa Hane Hiroshi Yamashiro
25th 1984 Hiroshi Yamashiro Yasumasa Hane
26th 1985 Tatsuaki Iwata
27th 1986 Yasumasa Hane
28th 1987 Masamitsu Tsuchida
29th 1988 Masaki Ogata Hiroshi Yamashiro
30th 1989 Tatsuaki Iwata
31st 1990 Yasumasa Hane
32nd 1991 Yasumasa Hane
33rd 1992 Yasumasa Hane Masaki Ogata
34th 1993 Hiroshi Yamashiro Yasumasa Hane
35th 1994 Masaki Ogata
36th 1995 Yasumasa Hane
37th 1996 Naoto Hikosaka
38th 1997 Hironari Nakano Hiroshi Yamashiro
39th 1998 Hiroshi Yamashiro
40th 1999 Naoki Hane Hironari Nakano
41st 2000 Hiroshi Yamashiro Naoki Hane
42nd 2001 Hideki Matsuoka
43rd 2002 Naoki Hane Hiroshi Yamashiro
44th 2003 Naoto Hikosaka
45th 2004 Hiroshi Yamashiro
46th 2005 Hiroshi Yamashiro Naoki Hane
47th 2006 Hideki Matsuoka Hiroshi Yamashiro
48th 2007 Naoki Hane Hideki Matsuoka
49th 2008 Hiroshi Yamashiro
50th 2009 Hiroshi Yamashiro
51st 2010 Hiroshi Yamashiro Naoki Hane
52nd 2011 Naoki Hane Hiroshi Yamashiro
53rd 2012 Hironari Nakano
54th 2013 Hironari Nakano
55th 2014 Hiroshi Yamashiro
56th 2015 Masaki Ogata
57th 2016 Atsushi Ida Naoki Hane
58th 2017 Yuta Mutsuura
59th 2018 Hironari Nakano
60th 2019 Masaki Ogata
61st 2020 Yu Otake
62nd[1] 2021 Yu Otake
63rd 2022 Yuta Mutsuura


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