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Oka Oori Katha (English title: The Marginal Ones; Telugu: ఒక ఊరి కథ) is a 1977 Telugu film directed by Mrinal Sen.[1] It is based on the story Kafan by Munshi Premchand.[2] The film was one of the Indian entries at the 4th Hong Kong International Film Festival, won Special Awards at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, and Carthage Film Festival.[3] The film has received the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu for that year, and was premiered at the International Film Festival of India.[4]

Oka Oori Katha
Directed byMrinal Sen
Produced byA. Parandhama Reddy
Written byMunshi Premchand
StarringA. R. Krishna
Pradeep Kumar
G. Narayana Rao
M. V. Vasudeva Rao
Mamata Shankar
Music byVijay Raghava Rao
CinematographyK. K. Mahajan
Edited byGadadhar Naskar
Distributed byChandrodaya Art Films
Release date


The plotEdit

Venkaiah (Vasudeva Rao) and his son Kistaiah (Narayana Rao) live in a village. Venkaiah lives in a queer world of his own. They have learnt to conquer hunger and are mentally strong. They consider that the poor farmers are fools to work for the rich and suffer. Kistaiah wants to marry Nilamma (Mamata Shankar). The father does not like the marriage. Kistaiah refuses and marries Nilamma.

Nilamma tries to control the family. Venkaiah does not change. Kistaiah stands between them. There is bitterness in the family. In course of time, Nilamma conceives. One day, they find Nilamma in acute pain. The father refuses to call a midwife and Nilamma dies. They decide to conduct funeral rites for Nilamma. They go begging around the village and gather some money and decide to spend it on drinks.






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