Ok So-ri

Ok So-ri (Korean옥소리; born 23 December 1968) is a South Korean actress. "Ok So-ri" is her stage name; her real name is Ok Bo-gyeong (옥보경). Ok made her debut in a TV commercial in 1987. She appeared in the TV series Hero's Diary in 1994.

Adultery caseEdit

In 2008, she was accused of adultery with an opera singer, and an Italian chef working at a Seoul luxury hotel.[1][2][3] Her husband, Park Chul (박철), a radio talk show personality, sought the maximum sentence of two years' imprisonment, while the prosecutors were seeking 18 months. Ok blamed her infidelity on a loveless marriage.[4] She was sentenced, in December 2008, to eight months in prison by a suburban Seoul court, but avoided jail because the sentence was suspended for two years.[5] In September 2008, a lower court had declared both partners jointly responsible for their divorce, and awarded custody of their eight-year-old daughter to Mr. Park.[6]

Ok had been trying to overturn a 1953 law that criminalises extramarital affairs and can send a person to jail for up to two years for adultery.[7] For this purpose she brought a case before the Constitutional Court of Korea, which ruled against the actress and in handing the decision said that society would be harmed if it overturned the law,[5] and that the "two-year jail term is not excessive when comparing it to responsibility."[4][7][8] In 2015, South Korea's Constitutional Court overturned the law that made adultery a crime, which had been law since 1953.[9][10]

Personal lifeEdit

Ok married an Italian in 2011, and gave birth to a son and a daughter. The family lived in Taiwan, but Ok later divorced her second husband. Following their 2014 divorce, her Italian ex-husband received child custody rights and remarried in 2016.[11]



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