Ojiro (小代) is an area located in Kami Town, Mikata District, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan.

Rice Terraces of Ueyama in Ojiro
Tajima Cattle in Ojiro
Yoshitaki Waterfalls

As of 2012, the area has an estimated population of 2,200. The total area is 66.16 km2.

Ojiro is mostly a mountainous area and prides itself as the homeland of Wagyu cattle. Ojiro is designated as one of The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan, and is the birthplace of Tajiri-go, a Tajima Cattle who is the ancestor of more than 99.9% of Japanese Black wagyu.

Ojiro lies entirely within the San'in Kaigan Global Geopark.

The area of Ojiro was a town of Mikata. On April 1, 2005, town of Mikata, along with the town of Kasumi, and the town of Muraoka, was merged to create the town of Kami. At that time the portion of Kami that was Mikata renamed as Ojiro-ku (小代区), or Ojiro Ward, because some residents requested to use the traditional place name "Ojiro".


Annual eventsEdit

  • February: Mikata Highland Snow Festival
  • May: Rhododendron Park Festival
  • May: Ojiro Valley Festival
  • June: Mikata ZANKOKU (Cruel) Marathon (みかた残酷マラソン全国大会)
  • August: Furusato Ojiro Summer Festival
  • August: Bon dances in each settlements
  • September: Ojiro Sports Festival
  • October: Autumn festivals in each settlements
  • November: "The Most Beautiful Village in Japan" Ojiro Festival



Akioka Line operated by Zentan Bus company from Yōka Station. It spends about 1 hour.

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