Ohio Department of Insurance

The Ohio Department of Insurance (ODI) is an Ohio state government[1] administrative agency. ODI provides consumer protection through education and fair but vigilant regulation while promoting a stable and competitive environment for insurance companies. The department is charged under Ohio Revised Code Chapters 17 and 39 with the responsibility of regulating the activities of 1,662 insurance companies – nearly 260 of them domiciled in Ohio – that write more than $95 billion in premiums. The department also monitors the conduct of approximately 231,723 insurance agents and 18,689 insurance agencies doing business in Ohio.

Department of Insurance
Department overview
FormedMarch 12, 1872 (1872-03-12)
Department executive
  • Jillian Froment, director

In addition, the department examines the financial soundness of insurance companies as well as investigates consumer complaints and insurance fraud. Further, the department determines if services and benefits offered by companies are consistent with insurance policy provisions and Ohio law, reviews and approves more than 6,200 company filings per year for life, accident, health, managed care, and property and casualty policy forms and rates. The Director of Insurance, who is appointed by the Governor, heads the department, which employs approximately 241 full-time permanent staff.


The Ohio Department of Insurance was established on March 12, 1872. It was created under the authority of section 121.02 of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) and is administered by the Director of Insurance. Insurance companies operating in the state of Ohio are subject to regulation under Title 39; and depending upon the entity of the organization, Chapters 1751 and 1753 of the ORC. ODI is charge with seeing that the laws are executed and enforced. Title 39 also provides for the rehabilitation or liquidation of financially troubled insurers. The Office of Liquidation is charged with administering this law.


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