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The frontbench of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition in the Parliament of the United Kingdom consists of the Shadow Cabinet and other official shadow ministers of the political party currently serving as the Official Opposition. Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition is currently the Labour Party, and the Leader of the Opposition is Jeremy Corbyn.


Member of the House of Commons
Member of the House of Lords
Privy Counsellor
Shadow Cabinet full members in bold
Shadow Cabinet attendees in bold italics

Leader of the Opposition and Shadow Cabinet OfficeEdit

Foreign relationsEdit

Law and orderEdit


Social servicesEdit

Shadow Secretary of State for Education Angela Rayner
Shadow Minister for Children and Families Emma Lewell-Buck
Shadow Minister for Further Education Gordon Marsden
Shadow Minister for Schools Mike Kane
Shadow Minister for Early Years Tracy Brabin
Shadow Spokespersons The Lord Watson of Invergowrie
The Lord Stevenson of Balmacara
Health and Social Care
Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Jon Ashworth
Shadow Minister for Mental Health and Social Care Barbara Keeley
Paula Sherriff
Shadow Minister for Public Health Sharon Hodgson
Shadow Community Health Minister Julie Cooper
Shadow Minister
Shadow Spokespersons The Baroness Thornton
The Baroness Wheeler
Work and Pensions
Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Margaret Greenwood
Shadow Minister for Pensions Jack Dromey
Shadow Minister for Disabled People Marsha de Cordova
Shadow Minister for Employment Mike Amesbury
Shadow Spokespersons The Baroness Sherlock
The Lord McKenzie of Luton


Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Sue Hayman
Shadow Minister for Farming and Rural Communities David Drew
Shadow Minister for Flooding and Coastal Communities Luke Pollard
Shadow Minister for Waste and Recycling Sandy Martin
Shadow Minister The Baroness Jones of Whitchurch
Shadow Minister The Lord Grantchester

Local and devolved governmentEdit



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