Oda Nobuyuki

Oda Nobuyuki (織田 信行, 1536 – 1558), also known as Oda Nobukatsu (織田 信勝), was the son of Oda Nobuhide and younger brother of Oda Nobunaga, who lived during the Sengoku period of Japan.

Oda Nobuyuki
織田 信行
Lord of Suemori Castle
In office
Personal details
Died1558(1558-00-00) (aged 21–22)
Military service
AllegianceMon-Oda.png Oda clan
Battles/warsBattle of Ino

Nobuyuki conspired against his brother Nobunaga with the Hayashi clan (Owari), which Nobunaga viewed as treason. Nobuyuki's Suemori Castle was reduced by Ikeda Nobuteru. Nobuyuki was pardoned, however in 1558 it was discovered that he had been planning yet another revolt and Nobuyuki was executed.[1]



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