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October Eleven Pictures is an Irish Production Company based in Dublin, Ireland. It is a company dedicated to the development and encouragement of new and existing talent in the arenas of film, design and music. October Eleven Pictures was set up by The Figgis Brothers, Jonathan Figgis and Jason Figgis. It was born out of their desire to write and produce feature films using the digital format in order to challenge the tried and tested formula of 35mm film. They believe that the future of film-making lies in this area as the restrictions of the spiralling cost of 35mm film (all too often the cause of the increasing number of Hollywood flops) has been one of the reasons for the unfortunate dampening of creativity in movie-making circles.

They asked themselves the question: How many times has a brilliant idea been levelled by the restrictions of a budget? Digital technology answers the question of how to make an excellent quality film on tight finances. With the advent of 3chip DV, original ideas were finally beginning to be realized.

It was the Figgis Brothers childhood dreams of making movies and the advent of digital technology lead them to set up the company in February 2001. Jason directs while his younger brother Jonathan produces. Watching Hammer Films was a passion for them both and equal to the terror as they half hid behind pillows was the thrill at being confronted by monsters, swirling mists and dark villainous characters. The love of Hammer progressed to film noir with its enigmatic shadows depicting world's where the good as well as the bad seemed to inhabit the same sinister environment.

Darkness in varying forms is a strong trademark in their productions but they also have a lighter side which will be seen in future productions. Completing the team are a further two directors; Alan Foley, Creative Director and Mark Holmes, Finance Director.

Achievements to date:

2002 ‘Pallida Mors’ Short

Horrorthon Weekend of Horrors, Dublin - October 2002 Arcana Europa Film & Music Festival - July 2003 Toledo Film Festival – December 2003 Sitges Film Festival – December 2003 European Union Film Festival, Chicago – February 2004

2003 ‘The Twilight Hour’ Feature Length Documentary

Horrorthon Weekend of Horrors, Dublin – October 2002

European Union Film Festival, Chicago – February 2003 Shown at a fund-raising event in Charleville Castle Co. Offaly, September 2003 Cork Film Festival – October 2003 GHOSTCON, UK – October 2003 UK Premier in The Electric Cinema – October 2003

Nominated for an Irish Film & Television Award in the Best Sound\Sound Editing category – November 2003

Boston Film Festival – September 2004

Shown at an honorary dinner for Sir Simon Marsden by the International Nikon Owner’s Club. This exclusive event was held in the sumptuous surroundings of Saint Hill Manor in West Sussex, England - December 2003

2005 ‘Braceface’ Short

Premiere at the Irish Film Institute in conjunction with IFI Education – September 2005

2005 ‘A Maverick In London’ Feature Documentary

Sold to BSkyB for satellite viewing in the UK and Ireland, premiered on Sky's Artsworld – April 2006

2006 ‘A Curious Incident In The Life of Uri Geller’ Feature Documentary

Navan Film Festival Co. Meath Ireland - August 2006 Official selection and Nominated for Best Film (Results Pending)

Horrorthon Weekend of Horrors, Dublin - October 2006 Official selection and Q&A with Uri Geller and Director Jason Figgis

2006 ‘An Troid’ Short Film

Darklight Digital Film Festival, Dublin - June 2006 Navan Film Festival Co. Meath Ireland - August 2006

October Eleven Pictures are also finishing post-production on two short films and are in discussions with a major network to work on high profile projects.