OctoArts Films (also known as OctoArts Films International for foreign films) is a Filipino film production and distribution company owned by Orly R. Ilacad. It was founded in 1989.

OctoArts Films
IndustryTheatrical distribution
film production
Founded1989; 31 years ago (1989)
FounderOrly Ilacad
OctoArts Building, 108 Panay Avenue, Barangay South Triangle, Quezon City
ProductsMotion pictures
OwnerOrly Ilacad

Production and distributionEdit

Distributor (independent films)Edit

  • Mga Mumunting Lihim (2013) (with Largavista Entertainment)
  • Ang Pangarap Kong Holdap (2018) (with Mavx Productions)
  • Exit Point (2019) (with Rocketts Media Production; co-distributed with Viva Films)
  • LSS (Last Song Syndrome) (2019) (with Globe Studios, Dokimos Media Studios, and Ben&Ben)

Distributor (Foreign films)Edit

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