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The Oceanium is a public aquarium that opened in 2001 in Diergaarde Blijdorp, a zoo in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The Oceanium lies in the expansion area of the zoo, which includes a new entrance and parking area, and was the biggest project to date for the zoo.[1] The area around the Oceanium is home to projects depicting the Americas.

Oceanium Diergaarde Blijdorp.JPG
Viewing tunnel at the aquarium
Date opened2001
LocationRotterdam, Netherlands
Coordinates51°55′43″N 4°26′43″E / 51.9286°N 4.4454°E / 51.9286; 4.4454Coordinates: 51°55′43″N 4°26′43″E / 51.9286°N 4.4454°E / 51.9286; 4.4454
Volume of largest tank3,375,000 l (742,000 imp gal; 892,000 US gal)
Total volume of tanks8,000,000 l (1,800,000 imp gal; 2,100,000 US gal)[1]

The Oceanium is also home to scientific research into the conservation of coral.


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