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Occupy Rochester NY

Occupy Rochester NY was a collaboration that has included an Occupy movement encampment in Washington Square Park in Rochester, New York.[1] The occupiers were initially given citations and arrested for violating park regulations. On November 10, 2011, however, they reached agreement with the city to camp in the south half of the park until mid January 2012. The agreement was due the work between Ryan Acuff, and John Smigle. [2] Note that there is also a separate Occupy Rochester MN.[3]

As of June 2012, Occupy Rochester (NY) had continued to engage in organized meetings, events and actions.[4]


Local causesEdit

In addition to the encampment, they have been active in other local causes. These include:

  • Helping a family, Harold and Maria Steidel, get a moratorium on their home foreclosure.[2][5]
  • Protesting the closing of a local school, school #6.[6]

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