Obolonsko–Teremkivska line

The Obolonsko–Teremkivska line (Ukrainian: Оболонсько-Теремківська лінія, Obolons'ko-Teremkivs'ka liniia), is the second line of the Kyiv Metro, first opened in 1976, it extended northwards along the right bank of the Dnieper river and began deviating from the river towards the southwest. As the current stations were built in the 1970s and 1980s, architecturally the line shows some of the best examples of late-Soviet architectural features. It is generally coloured blue on the maps.

Obolonsko–Teremkivska line
Kyiv Metro Line 2.svg
LocaleKyiv, Ukraine
TypeRapid transit
SystemKyiv Metro
Operator(s)Kyivskyi Metropoliten
Opened17 December 1976; 46 years ago (17 December 1976)
Line length20.95 km (13.02 mi)
Track gauge1,520 mm (4 ft 11+2732 in)
Electrification825 V DC (third rail)
Route map

Obolon Depot-2
Heroiv Dnipra
Ukrainian Railways
Railway Station
Tarasa Shevchenka
Kontraktova Ploshcha
Poshtova Ploshcha
Funicular River Port
Maidan Nezalezhnosti
Ploshcha Lva Tolstoho
Palats Ukraina
Central Intercity
Bus Station
Vystavkovyi Tsentr
South Intercity
Bus Station
Teremky Depot
Avtovokzal Teremky
Vulytsia Kreisera Avrora


  1. Heroiv Dnipra
  2. Minska
  3. Obolon
  4. Pochaina
  5. Tarasa Shevchenka
  6. Kontraktova Ploshcha
  7. Poshtova Ploshcha
  8. Maidan NezalezhnostiKhreshchatyk  
  9. Ploshcha Lva TolstohoPalats Sportu  
  10. Olimpiiska
  11. Palats "Ukrayina"
  12. Lybidska
  13. Demiivska
  14. Holosiivska
  15. Vasylkivska
  16. Vystavkovyi Tsentr
  17. Ipodrom
  18. Teremky


Segment Date opened Length
Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Poshtova Ploshcha, Kontraktova Ploshcha 17 December 1976 2.32 km
Tarasa Shevchenka, Pochaina, Obolon 19 December 1980 4.40 km
Ploshcha Lva Tolstoho, Olimpiiska 19 December 1981 1.70 km
Minska, Heroiv Dnipra 6 November 1982 2.35 km
Palats "Ukrayina", Lybidska 30 December 1984 2.43 km
Demiivska, Holosiivska, Vasylkivska 15 December 2010 3.80 km
Vystavkovyi Tsentr 27 December 2011 1.48 km
Ipodrom 25 October 2012 0.92 km
Teremky 6 November 2013 1.50 km
Total: 18 stations 20.95 km

Name changesEdit

Station Previous name(s) Years
Maidan Nezalezhnosti Ploshcha Kalinina 1976–1977
Ploshcha Zhovtnevoi Revolutsii 1977–1991
Kontraktova Ploshcha Chervona Ploshcha 1976–1990
Obolon Prospekt Korniychuka 1980–1990
Palats "Ukrayina" Chervonoarmiyska 1984–1993
Lybidska Dzerzhynska 1984–1993
Olimpiiska Respublikansky Stadion 1981–2011
Pochaina Petrivka 1980–2018

Until February 2018 the metro line was named Kurenivsko-Chervonoarmiyska.[1]


# Transfer to At
  Sviatoshynsko–Brovarska line Maidan Nezalezhnosti
  Syretsko–Pecherska line Ploshcha Lva Tolstoho

Rolling stockEdit

The line is served by the Obolon' (#2) depot. Presently 32 five-carriage trains are assigned to it. Most of them are of type 81-717/714 and 81-717.5/714.5 built during the late 1970s and the 1980s. In 2007 new type 81-540.2K/541.2K, which is an advancement of type 81-717/714, went into service on the line. In 2002 a train of type 81-553.1/554.1/555.1 (Slavutich), which is a variant of the 81-71M in Prague metro, went into service on the line and it's the only train in the entire Kyiv metro.

Recent developments and future plansEdit

A major extension of the line to the southwestern regions of Holosiiv and Teremky has long been planned since the 1980s, however due to the difficult conditions under the Lybid River and financial shortages, all work was frozen in the early 1990s and the completed sections were flooded.

Resumed in 2002, the project[2] will conclude of seven stations and were finished by 2020. Demiyivska, Holosiivska and Vasylkivska were opened 15 December 2010; after a delay of two years because of lack of funds.[3][4] Vystakovyi Tsentr was opened 27 December 2011.[5] The second stage included the stations Ipodrom and Teremky which brought the line along the Akademika Glushkova avenue past the Kyiv Ring Road. Initially planned opening for these two was foreseen for 2012;[6] but Ipodrom was opened on 25 October 2012[7] and Teremky was opened on 6 November 2013.[8]

The final stage may finish with the station Odeska and a new depot nearby. A considered option is a two station branch after Ipodrom northwards to two further stations: Avtovokzal Teremky and Vulytsia Kreisera Avrory.

Holosiivska station


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