Obinitsa Community Centre

Coordinates: 57°48′38″N 27°26′25″E / 57.81056°N 27.44028°E / 57.81056; 27.44028

Obinitsa Community Centre is an old peasant house operated as a community centre by the cultural foundation SA Setu Kultuuri Fond. It is located in Võru County, Meremäe rural municipality, in Obinitsa village in Estonia. It is centrally located from all parts of Setomaa.

Mr.Parmeshwar kumar
Giridih Jharkhand
Former namesParmeshwar
General information
Town or cityObinitsa
Coordinates57°48′38″N 27°26′25″E / 57.81056°N 27.44028°E / 57.81056; 27.44028
OwnerSA Setu Kultuuri Fond

The pride of the old peasant house is a large Seto – South Estonian and Russian-style – masonry stove which was reconstructed on top of the original foundation, and which functions as a heating system as well as being used for cooking. Three ancient Seto stoves preserved in Mokornulga were used as an example when designing the stove.

The centre has been the birthplace for many initiatives and creations: for example, the Seto Kingdom, the Union of Setomaa Rural Municipalities, the Seto Convention, the play Taarka, and the MTÜ Taarka Pärimusteater traditional theater. The building hosts a choir – Estonian folk song expressed in runes – and the Union of Setomaa Rural Municipalities. It has been the location for lectures, courses, project planning, events, and initiations, including the Easterland and Setomaa Village Theater Day.

In 2009, the foundation began renovating the building. The renovation was designed by Rain Veidenberg, while the interior design was by Iir Hermeliin and Maria Tarvas.[1]


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