Oasis Church (Los Angeles)

Oasis Church is a Christian church in Los Angeles, California.


The church began as a Bible-study group of ten people in Beverly Hills, California. From that community, Philip and Holly Wagner decided to found a church, which had about thirty initial parishioners.[1] One of the original members of the Bible-study group was singer Donna Summer, and more recent members include Viola Davis.[2][3] The congregation moved to the Oasis Theatre in the 1990s, and to the Wilshire Christian Church during the 2010s.[4] By the 2010s, the church had more than three thousand members.[5] It is known for the diversity of its fellowship.[6][7] The church issues funds to support international poverty initiatives, including care for widows, orphans, as well as clean drinking water projects.[8] The church also sponsored the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Jesus Christ, unveiled in 1998, with the intention of creating a “Walk of Faith”. The star was located in front of one of the church’s previous locations.[9]


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