O'Rourke's Diner

O'Rourke's Diner is a diner located in the Main Street Historic District[2] in Middletown, Connecticut.

O'Rourke's Diner
ORourkes Diner.jpg
General information
Architectural styleArt Deco
Town or cityMiddletown, Connecticut
CountryUnited States
Coordinates41°33′53″N 72°39′07″W / 41.564732°N 72.651891°W / 41.564732; -72.651891
Design and construction
Architect(s)Mountain View Diner Company[1]


The diner was established in 1941 by John O'Rourke, who later brought the 1946 Mountain View diner car that anchored the diner's distinctive appearance into Middletown.[3] John's nephews, John and Brian bought the diner in 1976. In 1986, due to corrupted business practices John sold his half share of the diner to his cousin Brian.[4]

On August 31, 2006, O'Rourke's Diner suffered tremendous damage from a fire that broke out after a hamburger steamer was left on overnight.[5] Because the diner did not have fire insurance, fundraising efforts were launched[6] to cover the estimated $350,000 cost of repairs.[7] By June 2007, $180,000 had been raised and preparations for reconstruction were underway.[8] On February 11, 2008, following successful renovations which included assistance from the local community and Wesleyan University, O'Rourke's was reopened at 5:00 am.[9]



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