Nya Parken

Nya Parken, formerly known as Norrköpings Idrottspark, also known as PlatinumCars Arena for sponsorship reasons, is a multi-purpose stadium in Norrköping, Sweden. It opened on 25 September 1903[1] and is currently used mostly for football matches.[2] It is the home arena for IFK Norrköping, IK Sleipner and for IF Sylvia. The stadium had a capacity of 19,414 people until 2008–09 when the arena was re-built.

Nya Parken
Nya Parken
Full nameNya Parken
OwnerIFK Norrköping via Parken Event Arena AB
OperatorIFK Norrköping
Field size105 x 68 m
SurfaceArtificial Grass
Broke ground24 April 1903
Opened25 September 1903
Renovated1958, 1991, 2009
IK Sleipner
IF Sylvia
IFK Norrköping

Construction began on 27 April 1903, and inauguration occurred on 25 September the same year, during the Norrköping Sports Association's Sport Festival.[3] During the 1958 FIFA World Cup, it hosted some group stage matches. During the Euro 1992, it hosted CISGermany (1–1), Scotland – Germany (0–2) and Scotland – CIS (3–0), all in Group B.

In 2008–2009 the arena was rebuilt. The arena now uses Artificial grass and the capacity has decreased from 19,414 to 17,234 spectators. The new arena hosts 16 VIP booths, VIP seating for 515 spectators, three bars, two restaurants and small indoor training arena called "Teknikhallen". IFK Norrköping took over the ownership of the arena in 2010 from the city council of Norrköping in a 308.5 million SEK purchase. From its opening in 1903 until its renovation in 2009, the arena had been known as Norrköpings Idrottspark, but after the renovation the name was changed to Nya Parken.

In 2016, the arena changed name for the third time in its history. This time to Östgötaporten, after the naming rights was sold to a real estate company.[4]

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