The NutraSweet Company is an American nutrient company that produces and markets NutraSweet Neotame, their trademarked brand name for the high-intensity sweetener neotame.

The NutraSweet Company
TypePrivate (subsidiary of Manus Bio)
PredecessorG. D. Searle & Company
Founded1985, as a division of Monsanto
HeadquartersAugusta, Georgia, USA
Key people
Ajikumar Parayil CEO

Aspartame was invented by chemists at G. D. Searle & Company in 1965.[1] Searle was bought by Monsanto in 1985.[2] In March 2000, Monsanto, which was then a subsidiary of the Pharmacia corporation, sold NutraSweet to the private equity firm J.W. Childs Associates.[1] In July 2018 Manus Bio Inc. bought the former NutraSweet plant in Augusta, Georgia and reopened the plant to produce the next generation of natural ingredients.[3][4]


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