The Nurzec [ˈnuʐɛt͡s] is a river in north-eastern Poland, a tributary of the Bug River. It flows through the geographical region known in Polish as Wysoczyzny Podlasko-Bialoruskie (the plateau of Podlaskie and Belarus). Administratively it lies within Podlaskie Voivodeship and Masovian Voivodeship.

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CountryPoland, Belarus
Physical characteristics
 • locationPoland
 • elevation180 m (590 ft)
 • location
near Wojtkowice Stare on the Bug River
 • coordinates
52°36′36″N 22°24′33″E / 52.6099°N 22.4091°E / 52.6099; 22.4091Coordinates: 52°36′36″N 22°24′33″E / 52.6099°N 22.4091°E / 52.6099; 22.4091
Length100.2 km (62.3 mi)
Basin size2,102 km2 (812 sq mi)
Basin features
ProgressionBugNarewVistulaBaltic Sea

The 2,102 square kilometres (812 sq mi) drainage area is contained within the mezoregions known as Równina Bielska (the Bielsk Plain) and Wysoczyzna Wysokomazowiecka (the High Masovian Plateau).

The Nurzec rises in swamps south-east of Czeremcha near Stawiszcze close to the border with Belarus. Its confluence with the Bug River is close to the village of Wojtkowice Stare just south of Ciechanowiec.

The fall of the Nurzec is approximately 75 metres (246 ft) from its source elevation of approximately 180 metres (590 ft) above sea level, to its discharge elevation of 105.4 metres (345.8 ft).


Towns and villagesEdit

Major towns and villages lying on the Nurzec: