Nuova Famiglia

The Nuova Famiglia (Italian: "New Family") was an Italian Camorra criminal organization affiliated with the Sicilian Mafia created in the 1970s to face Raffaele Cutolo's Nuova Camorra Organizzata.[1]

Nuova Famiglia
Founded byVarious Camorra's bosses
Founding locationCampania, Italy
Years active1970s–1990s
TerritoryAll Campania and the cities of Rome, Ostia, Milan and Rimini in all Italy; Territories also in other countries of Europe and South America
EthnicityItalian, mostly Campanian
Membership (est.)unknown
Criminal activitiesRacketeering, murder, drug trafficking, extortion, kidnapping, prostitution, bootlegging, illegal gambling, bookmaking (Totonero 1980), waste management, robbery, weapons trafficking, construction management, money laundering and loan sharking
AlliesSicilian Mafia
RivalsNuova Camorra Organizzata (defunct)


The Nuova Famiglia was created on 8 December 1978, to oppose to the rising power of the Nuova Camorra Organizzata created by Raffaele Cutolo.[2]

The confederation included: Michele Zaza, a powerful Camorra boss affiliated with Cosa Nostra, the Gionta clan from Torre Annunziata, the Nuvoletta clan from Marano, a powerful Camorra clan also affiliated with Cosa Nostra and linked specifically to the Corleonesi, the D'Alessandro clan from Castellammare di Stabia, the Alfieri clan from Nola, led by Carmine Alfieri, the Galasso clan of Poggiomarino, led by Pasquale Galasso, the Giuliano clan led by Luigi Giuliano, the Vollaro clan from Portici, the Casalesi clan, led by Antonio Bardellino from San Cipriano d'Aversa also linked to Cosa Nostra, the Moccia clan from Afragola and the Ammaturo clan of Castellammare di Stabia.[3]

The war against CutoloEdit

The war that ensued between the Nuova Camorra Organizzata and the Nuova Famiglia caused a huge number of victims. This caused in turn a greater attention from the Italian police organizations, pushing Cosa Nostra to accommodate an agreement between the two warring clans, hopefully favouring the Nuova Famiglia, which included a lot of former allies.[4]

It appears that Alfieri had already decided to eliminate the senior NCO leaders, in revenge for the murder of his brothers during the war. In November 1982, the NCO's financier, Alfonso Ferrara Rosanova, was murdered. When his deputy and main 'military' chief, Vincenzo Casillo was killed via car bomb in January 1983 by Alfieri's ally, Pasquale Galasso, it was clear that Raffaele Cutolo had lost the war. His power declined considerably. Not only Cutolo but many other Camorra gangs understood the shift in the balance of power caused by the death of Casillo. They abandoned the NCO and allied themselves with Alfieri.[5]

The elimination of the key NCO figures not only marked the end of the NCO's defeat as a political and criminal force, but also the rise of Carmine Alfieri and the NF who, by now, virtually unopposed, replaced them as the main contact of the politicians and businessmen in Campania as well as other criminal organizations. These chain of killings, including that of Cutolo's son, Roberto Cutolo who was shot dead by members of the Fabbrocino clan on 24 December 1990, aged 25, coupled with the incarceration of many of its members brought an end to the Nuova Camorra Organizzata.[6]

Internal warEdit

After the defeat of Cutolo, war broke out among the anti-NCO coalition, in particular between the Nuvoletta clan from Marano and Antonio Bardellino at the end of 1983. With Carmine Alfieri siding with Bardellino’s Casalesi clan. The war culminated in the Torre Annunziata's massacre of August 1984, which left eight people killed and 24 wounded among the Gionta clan allied with Nuvoletta. After the massacre and the murder of Ciro Nuvoletta two months earlier, the balance of power shifted in favour of Alfieri and Bardellino.[7]

The endEdit

On May 26, 1988, Antonio Bardellino was murdered by his right-hand man, Mario Iovine in his Brazilian home at Búzios, a beach side resort for the rich and famous in the State of Rio de Janeiro, as part of an internal feud within the Casalesi clan.[8]

In 1992, Pasquale Galasso decided to collaborate with justice, becoming the most important pentito inside the Camorra organization. After him, Carmine Alfieri was arrested and following Galasso, decided to collaborate with justice.[9]

Lorenzo Nuvoletta, because of a serious illness, after a time in jail, was granted house arrest. He died on April 7, 1994, from liver cancer. Marking the end of the Nuova Famiglia.[10]

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